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Provigil is an oral stimulant that is used to combat excessive drowsiness. This psychostimulant is prescribed only to patients, who find it difficult to maintain wakefulness due to shift work or due to neurological diseases, such as:


  • Narcolepsy
  • Obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS)


To combat drowsiness, people can use Provigil 100 mg and 200 mg tablets. A prescription is required to buy Provigil in city pharmacy chains, while the online pharmacies sell this wakefulness-promoting agent without a prescription.


Provigil tablets should be bought without a prescription only if they were prescribed by the attending physician. Men and women, who do not have diseases that are included into the list of indications for Provigil use, should not use this drug “off label”.


Provigil can be prescribed to adults over 18 years of age or older. Provigil safety for children’s health is not proven. Therefore, alternative therapies should be used to increase wakefulness in pediatric patients.


The optimal dose of Provigil for wakefulness maintenance is 200 mg.


  • Patients with neurological diseases should take one Provigil 200 mg tablet in the morning.
  • If excessive drowsiness is caused by shift work, one dose of Provigil 200 mg should be taken about 60 minutes before the shift begins.
  • Elderly people and patients with severe renal diseases are recommended to use the minimum effective Provigil dose of 100 mg.


Provigil tablets are sold in pharmacies by 30, 60, 90 pieces in one package. With a daily use of Provigil, the smallest package is enough for one month of continuous treatment.


The price of Provigil in an online pharmacy depends on the number of doses purchased. Therefore, buyers of the largest packages pay the lowest possible price for each dose of Provigil.


If a patient with a neurological disease requires long-term drug therapy, he can order several Provigil packages at once and thus reduce the treatment costs for OSAHS or narcolepsy.


Most patients with shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) take Provigil not on a daily basis or on a regular basis. Therefore, they usually buy only one package of Provigil, which is sufficient for several months of treatment.


Provigil is one of the most popular drugs, approved to combat excessive drowsiness. The international supplier of this wakefulness-promoting agent is Teva.


The pharmaceutical company Teva supplies Provigil to dozens of countries, including the USA. In different countries, Teva has to compete with suppliers of other wakefulness-promoting agents, which, just like Provigil, contain the active ingredient Modafinil.


Instead of Provigil, you can use only those oral tablets that contain 100 mg or 200 mg Modafinil. Such Modafinil-containing tablets are sold under different brands in different countries.


  • In North America, the analogues of Provigil are sold under the brands Alertec and Nuvigil.
  • Residents of Australia, instead of Provigil, may be prescribed Modafin, Dafinil, or Modavigil.
  • In European countries, Modafinil-containing medicines are known under Modiodal and Vigil brands.


In online pharmacies, wakefulness-promoting agents can be sold under any of the above brands, as well as under the generic name Modafinil.


Before buying Modafinil, the online shopper has to make sure that this psychostimulant can be delivered to the country of his residence. Some online pharmacies offer next day Provigil delivery. However, these pills for the treatment of excessive drowsiness are mostly delivered within 7-10 days.


Express delivery of Provigil is much more expensive, than the delivery of the psychostimulants by regular mail. Therefore, those who want to get Provigil at the lowest price, better choose the cheapest mail service.


On the online pharmacy website, you can find information about the conditions of purchase and shipping zones, to which Provigil is delivered. In addition, all information about the conditions of Provigil delivery can be obtained from a pharmacist.


Some people buy Provigil to use this drug for improving memory and increasing their brain activity. Despite the fact that Provigil is a psychostimulant, its positive effect on brain functions is not proven.


Therefore, people, who use this drug “off label,” may not achieve the desired result, while creating potential health risks at the same time.


Provigil is a legal psychostimulant that can cause unwanted effects, and which is contraindicated in many men and women. Before ordering Provigil tablets without a prescription, it is important to familiarize yourself with the list of contraindications to their use, and, if necessary, ask questions to the pharmacist.


A qualified pharmacist consultation is provided free of charge and is available to all buyers of the wakefulness-promoting agents, regardless of their region of residence.


Trustful online pharmacies work 24 / 7 / 365. Therefore, potential Provigil customers can ask questions about this psychostimulant at any time they find convenient for them.